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AOL Problem - Pages appear to be out of date

Several AOL users have reported problems of pages showing up in their browsers that were old or out of date. This is most likely due to cache settings in AOL. A cache is supposed to store graphics and pages from web sites on your computer to speed up load times. It is also supposed to check for newer files on the server when you request a page and replace the older cached version with the updated version. AOL’s browser does not seem to make this comparison properly and that is why many of our AOL visitors are seeing outdated pages.

Option 1:
While looking at the desired page, type Ctrl + F5 to reload the page.
(hold down the Ctrl key and then press F5)

Option 2:
The following instructions show how to clear the cache in AOL so that you may view the most current pages from
  •  Select the Members Menu from the main AOL menu (at the top of the screen).
  •  Select the Preferences option.
  •  From the group of pictures that pops up select the one labeled WWW.
  •  From the window that pops up select the Advanced Button.
  •  (optional) Try setting the Maximum disk space to use for cache to 1 megabyte.
  •  Next click the purge cache button to clean out all of those outdated pages.
  •  Click ok. Click ok. Exit out of the preferences window.
  •  Reload the page (Ctrl + F5) and you should get up to date information.