$ 191 Million
    $ 119.4 Million Cash Value
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You can reach various press staff for questions about the Powerball game in your state.
Click on a name to send an e-mail or call using the phone numbers provided below:

  Arizona Nikki O'Shea 480.921.4438
  Arkansas Donna Bragg 501.683.1866
  California Russ Lopez 916.822.8131
  Colorado Kelly Tabor 303.759.6872
  Connecticut Linda Tarnowski 860.713.2701
  District of Columbia Agnes Moss 202.645.8075
  Delaware Vernon Kirk 302.739.5291
  Florida Connie Barnes 850.487.7727
  Georgia Kimberly Starks 404.215.5062
  Idaho David Workman 208.334.2600
  Illinois Christopher Gallo 312.793.3034
  Indiana Dennis Rosebrough 317.264.4677
  Iowa Mary Neubauer 515.725.7906
  Kansas Sally Lunsford 785.296.5708
  Kentucky Chip Polston 502.560.1675
  Louisiana Kimberly Chopin 225.921.2019
  Maine Tim Poulin 207.287.6750
  Maryland Carole Bober Gentry  410.230.8800
  Massachusetts Christian Teja 781.849.5600
  Michigan Jeff Holyfield 517.335.5641
  Minnesota Marie Hinton 651.635.8271
  Missouri Susan Goedde 573.526.7425
  Montana Jennifer McKee 406.444.5809
  Nebraska Neil Watson 402.471.6120
  New Mexico Wendy Ahlm 505.342.7600
  New Hampshire Maura McCann 603.271.7111
  New Jersey Judith Drucker 609.599.5875
  New York Lee Park 518.388.3415
  North Carolina Van Denton 919.301.3308
  North Dakota Ryan Koppy 701.328.1573
  Ohio Danielle Frizzi-Babb 216.774.5746
  Oklahoma Cylie DeBray 405.522.7722
  Oregon Chuck Baumann 503.540.1015
  Pennsylvania Gary Miller 717.702.8008
  Puerto Rico Karen Soto 787.250.8150
  Rhode Island Melissa Juhnowski 401.463.6500
  South Carolina Holli Armstrong 803.737.4419
  South Dakota Wade LaRoche 605.773.3311
  Tennessee Kym Gerlock 615.324.6556
  Texas Kelly Cripe 512.344.5131
  Vermont Jeff Cavender 802.476.0103
  Virgin Island Brian Gardine 340.514.8945
  Virginia Jill Vaughan 804.692.7778
  Washington Randy Warick 360.819.6392
  West Virginia Randy Burnside 304.558.0555
  Wisconsin Patricia Mayers 608.267.8412
  Wyoming Kristi Leavitt 307.432.9302

If you do not receive a response or you believe that your question is not appropriate for any specific lottery, please send an e-mail with the general nature of your questions and we will immediately put you in touch with an appropriate contact. You can send e-mail to: The Multi-State Lottery Association. To download a high-resolution .jpg of the Powerball/Power Play logo, click here.
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